Trench Restoration At Avril's

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TTW1 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Back of B&B - Restoration Group A on steps leading to cellar.



TTW2 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Walking in Trench.




TTW3 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Mixing cement for permanent sand bags.




TTW4 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Relaxing in the sun in the trench.
Restoration is not an all-work process.




TTW5 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Repairing the steps leading to the basement.




TTW6 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Entrance to the cellar with the brick floor being cleaned.




TTW7 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Entrance to the cellar with the gas blanket in place.




TTW8 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Gas blanket, looking out from basement.




TTW9 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Completing 2001 restoration and cleaning up.




TTW10 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Group A showing finished entrance to cellar.




TTW11 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Finish trench in back yard with real duck boards made to specification.




TTW12 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Finished trench leading to cellar entrance.




TTW13 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
"Sam's Abode"  Edmund Blunden wrote Undertones Of War
and describes this Sentry Box in Auchonvillers.




TTW14 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Duck Board over Sump.
The Sump's purpose was to permit rain water to drain from the trench.




TTW15 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
Finished trench, looking exactly as it would have in 1916.




TTW16 - Sean Featherstone - 2001

The B&B and animal shed in the distance.
The just visible shed wall it the place where the ground is collapsing
from under the wall starting in the winter of 2001.
  Is it a dugout?  That is the question?
Due to the danger, a question not yet solved during the Spring 2002 project.



TTW17 - Sean Featherstont - 2001
Cellar and exit.




TTW18 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
The entrance to the cellar with notice.  Just as it would
 have looked during World War One.




TTW19 - Sean Featherstone - 2001
The B&B cellar exit


TTW20 - Clive Rawson - 2002
Restoration 2002 project

TTW21 - Clive Rawson - 2002
Trenches continuing to be improved

TTW22 - Clive Rawson - 2002
Avril's B&B cellar entrance, spring 2002.

TTW23 - Clive Rawson
Cellar entrance - spring 2002.


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