Avril Williams Guest House
        Auchonvillers, The Somme


       Then and Now



1995 - Note building to the right, now the tearooms.

2006 - Note parking, and new Tea Rooms expansion.

 Yes, the patio and front just happened.


As did the fish pond and observation post.


 A slow beginning with a much younger Mark.


    Now, thanks to so many volunteers
    and their hard labor to save our history.


The Old Driveway to the back of the new
property addition across the street.

     New, Paved Dr iveway to car park.


Old silage storage at behind barn on new
 property across the street.

After paving, for 1st of July Memorial period
summer, 2006.

The old doors to Avril's new barns.


Removing the old concrete blocks.


The installed new door, look close and you
might see the personnel door in the middle.

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