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Willis S. Cole, Jr.  "Sam and Carol Cole"
Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum
13444 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA  98034-5403  USA                              

    Avril Williams' Bed and Breakfast has become one of our homes
away from home.  She has no rules about leaving at certain hours
and not returning until after a set hour.  Her meals are excellent and
breakfast is an included item in her basic room fee (at very fair price).
Avril's B&B is a delight and a strong beginning to all the exciting
things to see and do in the Somme.

    We often stay at Avril's for extended periods of time, day tripping
out as far as Verdun.  With prior arrangements, Avril allows one to
leave most of the junk we all carry and made side trips for several
days with reduced luggage before coming back home to Avril's.
Home to relax, restock and plan the next side trip.    Do be aware
that you might find yourself sitting with others discussing World
War One, and sometimes World War Two, late into the night.

One can only say, "That, I'm always at home at Avril's"

Carol & Sam Cole
Dear Sam & Carol                               Oct. 2, 98

     Many thanks for sending Avril's web site address.  We truly
enjoyed our stay with her.  We thought we knew something about
the First World War but compared to the other guests we realized
that we are rank amateurs.  Staying at Avril's was like attending
a seminar on the First World War interspersed by daily visits to the
actual battle fields...  Can't think of a better way to learn more and
we hope to go back whenever we can.
     Am enclosing a photo of DUBE's grave and can send more
copies if needed.  Have contacted the Commonwealth War Graves
Commission and will be pursuing some other direction as well.

Barry and Lorna Lucas

                                   dube4.tif (228236 bytes)
                              Pilot Officer Wireless Operator/Gunner
                                            Henri Edouard DUBE
                              With fresh flowers from the villagers of
                              Olizy, France, and Canadian Flags placed
                                     by Barry and Lorna Lucas
                                        Victoria, B.C., Canada
                          The first known Canadians to visit the grave.

        To learn more about P.O. DUBE's grave please visit
          Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum's
                        web site at:

Dear Carol & Sam:              7 October, 1998

We hope that you are now safely home after a good journey.

We have been waiting for the films to be developed and thought
you might like the enclosed (photographs, see the Hole Report Page)
of the great excavation.

It was great fun meeting you both and the "dig" added so much
to the enjoyment of our stay.

Helen is very proud of the bullet you gave her and it now holds
pride of place with other momentous in the display cabinet.

Hope you are both well.  Kind regards from Helen & Jim Hunter
Helen and Jim were great B&B guests.  Helen's quick wit added
much to their stories of their experiences serving the Queen
throughout the world.  She is an excellent straight person for dinner
table humor.
November 24, 1998

Avril Williams B&B, never to be forgotten!  For two weeks we had
touched the battlefields of WW I and II, but it was not until we
stumbled into Avril's place that we felt the pulse and the heart of
the battles of WWI!  In a powerful way Avril's home; her conversations
her dinners and the music painted a portrait of those young men giving
their best, their courage and their youth, to the Battles of the Somme.
Unforgettable, it was the highlight of our too short trip, back to those
days that changed the innocence of the western world and set the
cataclysmic stage for the remainder of the 20th century.

Bob Lambert and Lyle Foltz will return!

Thank You, Avril.

Dear Sam:

I never did formally thank you for recommending Avril Williams B&B to
Lesley and myself.  It was truly a wonderful experience to overnight in
the company of some of the "old coots" discussing the Great War.  Avril
is truly a gracious hostess and made us feel very much at home.

We also want to thank you for the tour of some of the battle sites and
especially for our visit to Adanac cemetery to pay homage to my great
Uncle Walter's grave.  To my knowledge, I am the first relative to visit
his final resting place.

We do plan to return to the Somme area in the future and will schedule
an extended period of time to allow us to learn more of the area.
Hopefully, there will be "room at the inn", at Avril's.

Kind Regards,

Don and Lesley Adams
Sackville, Nova Scotia
July, 1999

Hi Sam & Carol,
Remember the Real American Motorcycle parked outside of Avril's in June,
well its us & I've just found her web page and thought I'd drop you a line.
Avril's is a great place to stop, in fact the best B&B ever.  If anyone out there
is a Great War person, this is THE place to stay.  Hope to be out there again

Perhaps its time you bought a Harley too, anything got to be better than a
lead wing.


Frank & Marlene
Bristol, England

(Well, this one requires a notation by  We rode a large Honda
for many years.  Once, traveling around the U.S., taking 65 days and 20,000 km
to box the country.  Such trips were so rare at that time, that several months after
we got back another couple was on the telly and the Tonight Show talking about
their trip, which was much shorter.  Another time, we split the country and got
through lots of Canada.  Been there, done that.  Finally sold the big bike when the
traffic got to be more trouble than the fun of riding in the Seattle, Washington State
area.  The only thing we did not pass at high speed were all the Harley's stopped
along the side of the road.  Kind riders that we were on our glide bike, feeling
sorry for those shakers, bakers and fixers, that we always stopped and offered
help and condolences!)


December 8, 1999

Avril's guesthouse was a very pleasant experience.  I did visit
the Somme district late September 1999 with a small group of Dutch military
historians.  We are planning to visit you again next year.

Best Wishes,

Dick Hartman
March 23, 2000


Myself and 13 others, mostly Police officers from England have recently
stayed at Avril's, unfortunately for only 2 nights due to the fact that
our time was limited and we had to return to night duties, however in
the short time that we did stay I can only reiterate what has already
been written about this lady. Her friendliness and the way everybody is
made to feel at home is something unique in this day and age,  and it
was a pleasure to sit down to  some  good home made cooking. As that
other famous American General Douglas McAruthr once said " I shall
return "

Best wishes Bill Borland , near Liverpool U.K.

April 11, 2000

It's two years since I was at Avril's with a mate (Steve)- two Aussies 
who had gone to school together, hadn't seen each other for 20 odd 
years since and then met in a Somme cemetery, as we both looked
for Aussie soldier's graves. So off to Avril's. Avril was great and we
soon felt part of the family and got to eat very well and talk till very
late in the evening.

Even spent Anzac Day with her at Bullecourt. Enjoyed the basement
tour and got to utter the immortal line to a cultured English Guardsman
who had stopped by "Are you an officer?" Hey us Aussies don't go in
for all that class stuff. But Avril is our class, and she has got class- I
can't wait to get back and show her how to put on a proper Aussie BBQ.
Keep digging that well Avril and I may see you down under soon.

Phil Bradley


I recently toured the Western Front with Holt's and we had the
pleasure of lunch at Avril's house (the best lunch we had on the
tour, Thanks Avril). I was very impressed with the knowledge
she had accumulated on her farmhouse cellar and land, about
the happenings of WWI. It should not be missed by anyone who
wants to have a day in the trenches. Everyone who has a interest
in the Western Front should be very grateful that people like
Avril still exist to preserve what is left of the Somme Battlefields
"Lest we forget". Continue the excellent work
and I look forward
to visiting again.
Randy Knauff
Myrtle Beach, SC

If you wish to inquire directly with me, please feel free
to call:  Willis S. Cole, Jr.  "Sam"    425.823.4445
That's in the U.S.A., or email at:

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