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   The Bed And Breakfast is located at the northern edge of the
1st of July, 1916, Somme Battlefield.  Within a short walking
distance is the location of the famous crater of Hawthorne Ridge
filmed as it exploded at 07:20 a.m. on the morning of the Battle. 
Its explosion, just ten minutes before the English left their trenches
at 07:30 a.m. telegraphed the start of the English attack and helped
lead to the death of many of the 20,000 English Soldiers killed that day.

       Just down the hill from the crater is the famous sunken lane where
the English had tunneled to a sunken lane in 'No Man's Land."  As the
men climbed up the bank of the sunken lane and cleared the top to
charge the short distance to the German lines, they were cut down
by the German machine guns.  Visiting the lane and seeing the British
cemeteries along the old "No Man's Land," one can begin to feel the
great sacrifice made by the British Dominion that day, all along the
line of attack.

        The crater is located just to the east of the "must visit"
Newfoundland Memorial Park.  To enter the park, one must walk
though the very trenches the men crowded forward through that
faithfull day when so many Newfoundlanders died.  This park requires
much more than a quick visit.  For you can walk past the British front
line, though "No Man's Land" and into the trenches of the German
front line.  Though the trenches have slumped over the years, you can
easily visualize what the men of both sides endured on 1 July, 1916.

        The Webmaster and his wife has spent quite a bit of time at Avril's
B&B, with day trips as far away as Verdun.  With planning, feel free
to ask Avril's help, or email the webmaster at ww1@ww1.org, you can
visit many famous World War One and World War Two sites, while
enjoying the evening dinner back at Avrils.  Basic food and enjoyable
dinning companions will make for great discussions of yours and their
day trips.

        As this site's Day Trips grows, many of the World War One sites
will be written about, including pictures.  Please keep visiting and sending
in your remarks.

Other interesting sites to visit:

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http://fortseclin.com - Restored French Fort and Museum at Seclin, close to Lille

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